Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ideas for home - Do it yourself

If you have decided to change the interior in the rooms but still can not be divided by some old stuff, then design approaches to junk. For some old furniture carry sentimental value, others simply face restrictions in the budget for the purchase of new equipment.

Here are some design decisions about how to update themselves old furniture you want to keep.

Ideas for home - Do it yourself

Before you get rid of the old soft sofa with high back, consider whether you can not go. pretapitsirate with environmental fabrics in neutral raztsvetki. Additionally, you can by arranging bags in appropriate tones.

Do it by yourself

This office of 50-they removed from the store with lumber can be repaint and become only a recent and unique office performance.

home ideas

Refreshed old small table and change its purpose. Put her to bed and turn it into a unique night table.

interior ideas

You have old furniture or rattan cane, which are still healthy, but no longer fit in the interior of the room. Dress them with the appropriate cloth and supplemented with accessories.

home design ideas

Even a wooden cane chair that no longer would be paid like freshness in design. Try it painted in bright tones.

home ideas

If you can not find furniture to match the interior room, it can be made. This set of dining room, made of natural materials, has also shown favorable decision for the family budget.

home design

Forget about the plastic furniture in the garden and select wooden chairs made from a local carpenter. They are more durable external weather conditions and will use them for years.

modern home ideas

Antique boxes, served a gathering clothes shop in Physical Education, can now serve for ordering porcelain.

modern decor

Paint the old cabinet and add new furniture in the room. Thus interior will look and more expensive.


Most wood panels, which are made furniture treated with adhesives containing formaldehyde. Use of environmental soya-based adhesives, to eliminate harmful vapors from adhesives - especially in the bedrooms.

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