Sunday, April 19, 2009

Italiano Kitchen

Italiano Kitchen by Sheer
italiano kitchen by sheerSheer is the Italian project of a kitchen more details and futuristic, suitable for a client who possiade some 'healthy exhibitionism and a spacious dining room. The kitchen was created around the idea of a work plan for the island to have spherical shape at the center of the environment. The upper hemisphere has a translucent surface of carbon fiber that, driven by an electric motor, it reveals the plan to work less, while the upper part is hood and lamp. The bottom half contains the sinks, refrigeration three bottles, and cooking in a glass with 3 burners and infrared fourth central fire for cooking with soapstone.
The system is complemented by 2 mobile satellite contenutivi that can go around the island, and a mobile bar-wall steel appliances, shelves, holders and all you need. Even the mobile wall can be closed with a curtain electricity to become a big screen on the tv show!
In short, a glaring display of technology and exclusivity.

Arclinea Kitchen, Eco-Compatible Kitchen Italia with Greenhouse
Arclinea kitchenIf you love cooking, and care about the environment, the Italia Kitchen from Arclinea (an Eco-compatible kitchen complete with its own greenhouse) will be just perfect for you. The Italia is a fully professional kitchen – enabling restaurant-style cooking experiences in the comfort of your own home. Careful planning has resulted in a layout with wide workspaces, comprehensive cooktops, and accessible and spacious tall units that bring all you need instantly to your fingertips. Double sinks allow for food preparation in one side and pots and pans in the other – a totally hygienic solution. Smoothly brushed stainless steel abounds, their cool, clean look tempered by wonderful, warm ceiling-high teak wall-units, which coordinate with the fabulous slatted teak table. And for the freshest herbs ever, there is even an indoor miniature greenhouse. This greenhouse replicates the daily sun cycle for healthy herbs that are bursting with flavour all year round.

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