Sunday, April 19, 2009

Latest Modern Kitchens Trend

Latest Modern Kitchens-Sinuosa
Latest  Modern Kitchens-SinuosaSinuosa, as the name suggests, winds with repeated turns and bends through the entire kitchen. The same curve repeats itself in main counter, pivoting counter, sink, backsplash and even hood. The lacquered kitchen cabinetry, pivoting counter and hood are made by Valcucine, the stainless steel countertop with integrated sink and 5-burner gas cooktop by Foster, and the single-lever faucet by Oras (model 8535). The mobile counter can pivot over the stainless steel work surface. Other choices for surfaces are white laminate with coloured decorations for cabinets and polished and glazed stainless steel for top.

Latest Modern Kitchen-Geometrica
Latest Modern Kitchen-GeometricaGeometrica appears as one floating in the air geometric graphic design that is landing on two stainless steel columns. Geometrica´s glass doors and drawer panels are laminated with films available in three different color combinations: light and dark green, light and dark beige, or grey and black. The cabinets and hood are made by Valcucine, the sink and cooktop by Foster, and the faucet by Oras. The countertop is made of pepper- or vanilla-colored composite material, the three-part sink is made of Ekotek resin or stainless steel or porcelain. The stainless steel hood features sinusoid-like glass panel that fits beautifully between the straight line graphics. The black glass pyroceram cooktop comes with touch-control commands. This modern kitchen design also includes an elegant stainless steel console with a rotating drawer.

Latest Modern Kitchen-Agreste
Latest Modern Kitchen-AgresteAgreste is a very modern kitchen with a sleek and clean design that comprises a single-block island and several wall-mounted column storage units, all produced by Valcucine. The island is all stainless steel and the column storage units are ebonised wood with leaf-shaped inlays. A matching ebonized wood counter is partially overlapping the island to outline a breakfast area. The round stainless steel Foster sink is sunk into the countertop, and is serviced by Oras 8520 faucet designed by Stefano Giovanonni. The Foster pyroceram cooktop is curved to repeat the shape of the island. The same Valcucine hood as with Sinuosa is used.

Latest Modern Kitchen-Trasparente
Latest Modern Kitchen-TrasparenteTrasparente wall-mount kitchen looks very light-weighted thanks to the evocative effect created with semi-transparent glass door and drawer panels. This effect can be achieved with a lighting system inserted into the kitchen cabinets, and is optional. To match the effect, an etched-glass panel is featured on the stainless hood. The countertop is the lavender-colored composite solid surfacing. The gas cooktop comes with stainless steel, pyroceram or round cast iron grids. The sink can be made from Ekotek resin or stainless steel. The kitchen cabinets are produced by Valcucine, the sink, hob and hood by Foster, and the faucet by Oras.

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