Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mobile Kitchen:Inspiration

Mobile Kitchen Suzette by Alpina
Mobile Kitchen SuzetteA modern and elegant combination with brushed stainless steel and exotic wood treated, so is the Alpine Suzette Belgian company. Cook for you and enjoy a mobile kitchen in style, with 2 gas burners and piezoelectric ascendedores, safety device, gas cylinder in stainless steel, as well as containers of garbage, anti slip rubber wheel, Teflon feet and to finish Optional wood treated with boiled linseed oil.

Bulthaup b2, mobile kitchen system
Bulthaup b2 mobile kitchen systemVisionary ideas of the maker of kitchen bulthaup come from systematic observation of the habits of life and food in the world. Thus, the Bulthaup b2 designed in collaboration with the Austrian design studio EOOS is the answer to modern lifestyles, including homes of single or two persons and families. This is the kitchen of nomads and settlers in terms of habitat, life and way of thinking.

The system was designed in collaboration with the famous Viennese designers of EOOS. Their method of "poetical analysis" leads them to proceed in a quite particular to develop new products by combining and synthesizing the vector form as the image, ritual and myth.

Solaris kitchen
Solaris kitchen

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