Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interior design ideas

Choosing the color and finish for the walls are probably the most important decision you make when decorating a room. The paint should reflect the character of those who live and work there and the atmosphere they want to create. However, daring to try something new is fun and may reveal a new side of you, the possibilities are endless. Creating the right wall finish for a period interior was once time consuming and expensive. Today successful substitutes have been found for the unusual and expensive products required using the different permutations and combinations, one can easily reproduce the interiors with an authentic look. Any style of interior is now within your range - from a country kitchen to a baronial hallway. Paint techniques can also be used to disguise some surface imperfections, which is much cheaper than having your walls replastered. Thus, one should always consider the following tips while doing the paint.
* A poor surface treated with the right paint technique can be transformed into a wall of character. Equally, a perfectly smooth new wall can be given instant interest and texture.
* Each room must be treated individually, even though you may want a cohesive scheme throughout your home.
* Remember some areas suffer extra wear and tear: certain finishes may not be practical for kitchens or bathrooms, and others need special attraction.
* Always choose the color according to the space. Pale colors give a sense of space and darker ones make a room even smaller.
* Remember too that the color of the base coat will greatly alter the glaze coat applied to it. The most striking color effects are often achieved by using white as the base color.

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