Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Porca Miseria' chandelier

Designed in 1994, this chandelier designed by Ingo Maurer is literally made up of many pieces of broken china. It was named Porca Miseria, literally Italian for 'dirty miserable pig' or a slang cuss for 'what bad luck' (not to be used in polite company!) I'd be saying the same thing if all my dishes broke! Ingo meant the piece as a revolt against all of the slick and modern design coming out of Italy in the mid 90s, hence the name. One was commissioned for the blue dining room at Waddesdon Manor by Lord Rothschild. I think the chandelier is the perfect counterpoint to the beauty of the blue dining room -don't you? It's rather modern but still sort of rococo; just the breathe of fresh air the elegant room needed.

The lamp is available in a limited production of 10 per year and takes 4 people 5 days to complete - at the cost of $67,500! It can be ordered here. It isn't cheap but is still incredibly beautiful!

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