Monday, July 19, 2010

Asia Bembos Restaurant

Located in the food court of SurPlaza Commercial Center at the Asia beach, in Lima, Peru, Bembos Asia is essentially the merging Bembos is a Peruvian fast food chain offering hamburgers, Bembos Asia Restaurant, SurPlaza Commercial Center in Peru

Asia  Bembos Restaurant

The facade lights up from the reflected interior lighting. Blue halogen lamps and LEDs further light up the exterior polycarbonate.The exterior facades are covered with flat cement sheets (of varying sizes and colours) over a basic metal structure, used for their easy assembling process and weather resistance.

Asia  Bembos Restaurant

The main goal of the design was to create an extended front facade in order to give the illusion of monumental, (maybe even iconic) space, considering that the depth of the space wasn’t enough for that.

Asia  Bembos Restaurant

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